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Heaven In Your Home

Feb 19, 2024

Your female body is an extravagant gift from God. 


He gave you a beautiful body and He’s called you to steward it well. Stewardship starts with knowing your body. And knowing that your female body was created for pleasure. When you look at the way you were designed, you can marvel at the Creator who made you with...

Feb 12, 2024

Let’s have a practical chat, rooted in spiritual truth as we answer a recent listener question.

Francie, my physical well being often suffers at the expense of serving my children. How do I take time for myself at the expense of my children when the Bible is so clear about placing the needs of others above my own?

Feb 5, 2024

The topic of sex so often shuts us down. The thought of learning or growing isn’t even an option when it’s a no-go territory.

Yet, we learn about creation in two ways: through God’s words (the Bible) and through God’s works (His creation, which includes you and me). The body is His design. When we look at the...