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Heaven In Your Home

Jan 30, 2023

“God takes our brokenness and turns it into our passion.” Joy Skarka


With vulnerability and authenticity, Joy shares her story which includes sexual trauma that led to a struggle with pornography. As a girl struggling with porn, she felt isolation and carried tremendous shame. Yet, there is help and healing. And,...

Jan 23, 2023

What’s okay for Christian marriage in the bedroom? 


Maybe that’s the wrong question. Married sex can be a playground, filled with creativity and adventure. In this episode, we’ll reframe the question and perhaps help you process and give yourself permission for a little bit of adventure and freedom in your...

Jan 16, 2023

Are you tuned into your female body? Often, even bringing up the topic of the clitoris or vagina can cause Christian women to shut down. As Bonny shares, when you have education about something, it becomes less scary. And, yet, most women don’t have much understanding of their genitalia.


Bonny breaks down the...

Jan 9, 2023

We are having some real talk about the body. And, you’ll hear from a dear friend and mentor, Alisa Keeton, as we talk about the wisdom of knowing yourself and acknowledging your body. Jesus came in a body, to love and serve through a physical body. There is a purpose of both the body and the spirit, yet we tend to...

Jan 2, 2023

The body keeps the score.


God designed your body with great intention and care. We need body awareness, knowing that God created us mind, spirit and body.


Yet, accumulated stress and a lack of ability to name what is happening can cause the body to shut down. In this episode, hear my personal journey with...