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Heaven In Your Home

Jul 25, 2022

Orgasms are a gift created, formed and given straight from the heart of God. This sweet gift will bless your marriage, will bless your interaction with your husband and will give you a glimpse of the pleasure and the wonder that we'll have for eternity with God, where you are lost in wonder and lost in love.


In this...

Jul 18, 2022

The holy pursuit of your female sexuality often involves a healing journey. As you ditch the shame and wounded parts, unpack your story and begin to live as a fully integrated woman, the fruit of freedom is experienced.


In this episode, you will hear more of the wonderful ways God has made your female body...

Jul 11, 2022

Your body and your sexuality were designed by God and He called you good. As we continue this educational and celebratory series on your wonderful female body, today we are leaning in to better understand the female sexual response cycle, which starts with sexual desire.


This may require a bit of awareness as you...

Jul 4, 2022

Sex is a gift from God, given to you with intention and purpose. We’re continuing in the summer series, educating ourselves on our body so that we can live in a more celebratory tone when it comes to how we think about our bodies, our femininity and our sexuality. 


Common views of sex are are often achored in the...