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Heaven In Your Home

Apr 10, 2023

Getting on the same “spiritual page” with your husband can fall lower and lower on the to-do list, even though both of your hearts are pursuing connection and intimacy.


Jodie Berndt is the mentor we all need on this topic. In this episode you’ll hear a wise and practical conversation as you think about building spiritual intimacy in a fresh and do-able way. Whether you are currently experiencing a roommate rut season or you long for more faith connection with your spouse, Jodie brings wisdom and insight that helps you see the goodness of God in every season. 


Connect with Jodie Berndt:

Best selling author and speaker, Jodie is known for her praying the scriptures book series as she inspires and encourages us toward Jesus through prayer. She is married to Robbie, mom to four grown children and loving her season of being a grandparent. You can connect with Jodie at


Find her new book Praying the Scriptures for Your Marriage here.

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Keep learning with Francie! Join the Discipleship Circle group mentorship. This is a SWEET community of women, connected with the purpose of seeking God’s heart for their reclaiming 

a redeemed view of sex and sexuality. Inside the circle, we will explore and discover the good news about God’s heart for sex. Learn more here: Discipleship Circle


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