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Heaven In Your Home

Oct 30, 2023

Let’s reclaim novelty and excitement in our marriage bed to fully live out and honor God’s design for married sex and intimacy. In this episode we’ll reframe our view of novelty and unpack ways to avoid monotony as we keep our marriages exciting and growing. A few key points for this episode include:


Oct 23, 2023

This episode is a unique offering. A time for margin to encounter the Lord and allow Him to meet you right where you may be. There is great power in intimacy and Christ has made a way for us to be one with God. May you encounter some intimate space with Jesus and connect to the love of God that you were made for.

Oct 16, 2023

We talk a lot about married intimacy, but ultimately this is about surrendering our whole selves to our Maker, the lover of our souls. In this episode, you’ll hear Francie share from her heart as she follows the Holy Spirit walking with Jesus in every season. May you be encouraged in your own pursuit of Jesus...

Oct 9, 2023

We all have a story. And, our story informs and shapes our present reality, especially the ways we show up in the most intimate and vulnerable spaces. In this episode, you’ll hear a beautifully redemptive story. Kristin Richardson from the Fearless In Love podcast joins to share the journey she and her husband...

Oct 2, 2023

This is an Invitation to reconnect our roles as mom and wife, seeing the beauty and value in both. Yet, how do you navigate life as a whole woman, filling our role as a wife and our role as a mother in a way that doesn’t feel disconnected? 


This episode was inspired by one of your questions and I hope that it will...