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Heaven In Your Home

Oct 17, 2022

Does great sex just happen? Well, no, it doesn’t. Let’s continue the conversation about intentional ways to lean in and and grow truly great intimacy, which includes communication.


Talking about sex may not come very naturally. And, it really does take some practice as you become vulnerable and learn to express your needs. In this episode you’ll hear more about my own journey to find tools to be able to talk about sex. And, you’ll hear encouragment to talk about sex together.


When you use your words to speak life over your husband and your marriage, it is an incredibly powerful gift to fuel deeper vulnerability. Great sex grows…when you lean in toward honest and hornoring communication.


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Resources Mentioned:


His Needs, Her Needs

Caveat - this book does discuss sex as a man’s physical need. I consistently share that Biblical sex is not about a need or a duty. Always ask the Lord to guide you as you consume any resources.

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