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Heaven In Your Home

Jan 9, 2023

We are having some real talk about the body. And, you’ll hear from a dear friend and mentor, Alisa Keeton, as we talk about the wisdom of knowing yourself and acknowledging your body. Jesus came in a body, to love and serve through a physical body. There is a purpose of both the body and the spirit, yet we tend to overemphasize one or the other, neglecting the importance of how God designed us.


What would it look like to get free, become more kind toward your body and get in tune with the meaning and purpose of your body? Listen in and be equipped and encouraged as you find freedom and take steps toward honoring your body, even if you have been walking in shame, disdain or trauma for years. Reclaim what is good and beautiful, sweet friend.


About Alisa Keeton

Author, speaker, and freedom bringer. Alisa’s life’s journey is to make healthy disciples who make healthy disciples. She believes in the power of the body – the Body Of Christ – where many unique parts come together to make up one complete whole. She is a small-framed woman with a God-sized dream. Learn more about Alisa at and her ministry at


Mentioned in this episode:

Our Bodies Tell God’s Story: Discovering the Divine Plan for Love, Sex and Gender by Christopher West

Revelation Wellness


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