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Heaven In Your Home

Jul 25, 2022

Orgasms are a gift created, formed and given straight from the heart of God. This sweet gift will bless your marriage, will bless your interaction with your husband and will give you a glimpse of the pleasure and the wonder that we'll have for eternity with God, where you are lost in wonder and lost in love.


In this episode you will learn more about orgasms, including types of orgasm and the intention of orgasm. In addition to the practicals, you will be given a little bit of vision for thinking about orgasm and realizing that it is not the highest goal of our sexual intimacy, but it is an incredible and holy gift that you are worthy of experiencing.


This teaching is packed with detail and insight. Be equipped and be encouraged as you continue to educate yourself on your wonderful female body.


Mentioned in this episode:

Episode 38, How I Pray About My Sex Life

Restoring the Pleasure, Clifford Penner and Joyce Penner


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