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Heaven In Your Home

Feb 20, 2023

We look to our Creator and see that sex is part of His creation, made with meaning, purpose and beauty. As you personally reclaim what God created and called good, the next step is to be able to have conversations with your kids.


There’s never been a more vital time for intentionality as we teach, lead and invest in our children's hearts and worldview.


In today’s conversation, my guest Kristen Miele will break down some of the hard questions that can cause stress for caring parents. Gain the confidence to clearly articulate answers and guide your children to understand their bodies and sexuality as it points back to our good God. 


Rather than shame and silence, we can replace fear with curiosity and be empowered to have honest, consistent conversations that honor God and His gift of sexuality.


About Sex Ed Reclaimed:

Sex Ed Reclaimed existes to break the cycle of silence in the Christian world on the topic of sex with Sex Ed Reclaimed, LLC as a premier choice for adults seeking to honestly engage the next generation. Sex Ed Reclaimed specializes in God honoring and accessible sex ed for children 3 to18 years old. Find resources here.

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About Kristen Miele: 

Kristen Miele, founder of Sex Ed Reclaimed, has been educating youth on the topic of sex for the last 12 years. She’s taught in hundreds of diverse settings including 2 different countries. Kristen has experience teaching ages 3 and up on content related to sex and sexuality. The vision for Sex Ed Reclaimed came to her in November 2021 and it became an LLC in 2022. Kristen has one daughter, Emma Joy, who is 4 years old. She’s been married to Anthony since 2012. They live in Columbus, Ohio with their daughter and a very fat cat. 


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