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Heaven In Your Home

Aug 1, 2022

Come along with me and let’s bring the truth of God into your home through the gift of music as we prayerfully prepare to launch Heaven in Your Home Family Music.


In this episode you’ll hear how a little rap based on 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 became a seed not only to plant truth in the hearts of my children, but one planted to bring my talented friend and musician Kathryn Brummer alongside to write beautiful songs based on teaching truths.


The catchiness of the rap caught on and all of my kids not only sing it while we’re in the kitchen or in the car, but that rap launched us into countless deeper conversations about the significance of God’s design, His heart for us, and His amazing plan for how we live in our bodies as male and female. 


We want to see that happen for families all over the world. We want to see the life-shaping power of music, combined with truth filled theology, form our kids' worldviews and shift the culture of our homes from the inside out. 


We want to invite you to join us in launching a music platform, Heaven in Your Home Family Music, offering families a foundation-building space to celebrate God’s wonderful design and truth through song. 


We are prayerfully partnering with a producer and studio to bring the music to life THIS MONTH. Won’t you partner with us to make this happen.


Partner with Heaven in Your Home Family Music, click here.


Mentioned in this episode:

Everybody Has a Body: God Made Boys and Girls, by Monica Ashour

Before The Sex Talk: A Theology of the Body Approach for Parents and Mentors, by Linda Beth Noble and Linda Marie Stewart 

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Thanks for joining Francie on this episode of Heaven in Your Home. We hope you’ll be inspired by this episode, and feel led to share it with someone you know would be ministered by Francie’s message.

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