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Heaven In Your Home

Aug 21, 2023

Your body and your sexuality were designed by God and He called you good. As we continue this educational and celebratory series on your wonderful female body, today we are leaning in to better understand the female sexual response cycle, which starts with sexual desire.

This may require a bit of awareness as you continue to recognize ways you can live more integrated. Growth requires intentionality, so in this episode we are intentionally focusing on sexual desire so that we might become more aligned with God. In this episode you will be encouraged and equipped, on both spiritual and practical levels, to understand and become aware of desire.

Resources Mentioned:

Growing Desire Challenge


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You’re Invited:

Keep learning with Francie! Join the Discipleship Circle group mentorship. This is a SWEET community of women, connected with the purpose of seeking God’s heart for their reclaiming a redeemed view of sex and sexuality. Inside the circle, we will explore and discover the good news about God’s heart for sex. Learn more here: Discipleship Circle


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