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Heaven In Your Home

Feb 13, 2023

Way better than anything Hollywood could ever portray, today’s guest Alexa PenaVega shares her vulnerable testimony of finding more in her marriage. How do you go from a wife who really doesn’t feel very excited about physical intimacy to finding celebration and joy? 


In this episode, Alexa and Francie chat about the fruitfulness that has flowed from pursuing oneness, their callings as mothers to disciple their children and be the best source for all things, including sex. 


Note: This episode endured technology challenges and you may note uneven audio levels. Thank you for your patience with the audio, but the contents of the conversation are filled with beautiful truth, testimony and thoughtful ideas.


About Alexa PenaVega:

You may know Alexa PenaVega as an actress from hit shows like Spy Kids. But, today you can hear more about her desire to honor her husband, Carlos PenaVega, and pursue a mutually satisfying sexual relationship. Their book, What if Love is the Point is a must-read, overflowing with both laughter and honest reflections, the PenaVegas’ incredible story—from the red carpet, Spy Kids movies, and Big Time Rush to Dancing with the Stars to marriage and now parenthood will encourage you.


You’re Invited:

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