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Heaven In Your Home

Apr 24, 2023

What do I do if I have a higher drive than my husband? 

What should I do if my sex drive seems non-existent?


Today’s episode is a fresh perspective and discussion as we unpack sexual desire and high and low libidos, which happens to be one of the most frequently asked questions.


Education and understanding can lead to celebration, therefore  let’s discuss the sexual response cycle, spontaneous desire vs. responsive desire and factors that contribute to seasons of higher/lower seasons of spontaneous desire. 


Let’s get equipped and be encouraged as we seek to see sex and connection through a fresh lens.


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You’re Invited:

Keep learning with Francie! Join the Discipleship Circle group mentorship. This is a SWEET community of women, connected with the purpose of seeking God’s heart for their reclaiming 

a redeemed view of sex and sexuality. Inside the circle, we will explore and discover the good news about God’s heart for sex. Learn more here: Discipleship Circle


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