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Heaven In Your Home

Oct 3, 2022

Let’s continue the conversation about growing in your married intimacy by talking about the body. It seems obvious that we acknowledge that body is part of sex, but great intimacy happens when you tune into your body and see it as a good gift.


It’s really easy to become disconnected from the body, going about your day and serving others without much regard for your physical needs and sensations. 


In this episode, you will hear practical ideas for seeing your body as good. You’ll hear encouragement for tuning into the ways you can care for yourself, understanding your body and how it works and see how you can walk in more confidence.


Enjoying the gift of intimacy begins with bringing your whole self to the moment - mind, body and spirit.  We are all in process, all on our own journey. Let’s keep leaning in toward growth, healing and truly great intimacy. 


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