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Heaven In Your Home

May 17, 2021

Thanks for joining Francie on this episode of Heaven in Your Home. We hope you’ll be inspired by this episode, and feel led to share it with someone you know would be ministered by Francie’s message.

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In today’s episode,  Francie discusses what it means to be a wholehearted wife.  We have to take care of our heart.  Are we allowing others to influence us?  Are we stuck in a comparison trap?  Are we looking at someone’s highlight reels?  

4 Practicals:

  • Get in the presence of God regularly
  • Pray for someone who triggers envy and comparison
  • Find spaces in your day to find quiet in the day and allow the truth of God’s word to settle you
  • Consider what steps you need to take with social media in order to keep your eyes on Jesus and not what distracts you.


In this episode, Francie mentions:

I Peter 3

Isaiah 32:17

Psalm 91

Zephaniah 3:17

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