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Heaven In Your Home

Jan 20, 2020

Welcome the Heaven in Your Home podcast. We hope you’ll be inspired by this first episode, and feel led to share it with someone you know would be ministered to by Francie’s message.

In this episode, Francie talks about...


  • We all look at sex through different lenses
  • The 5 W’s that form our sex view
  • The way media influences our view of sex
  • Overcoming barriers to intimacy
  • The ache of unmet intimacy
  • Matthew 19: 3-5
  • Sex is God’s idea
  • Genesis 1:21-29
  • “We were not made for self-expression, we were made for God expression”- Francie Winslow


“Father, thank you for this good news.  Thank you that the gospel can actually be revealed through our bodies, and this longing that tells us we were made for an eternal unstopping love. Thank you that we can actually see a glimpse of that love in the gift of earthly marriage.  Ultimately, Lord, we acknowledge that You are our satisfaction.” 

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