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Heaven In Your Home

Aug 3, 2020

Thanks for joining Francie on this episode of Heaven in Your Home. We hope you’ll be inspired by this episode, and feel led to share it with someone you know would be ministered to by Francie’s message.

In This Episode Francie talks about:





Prayer:  Father, thank you that you are Immanuel, God with us.  We can count on your evergreen truth that you are always with us, even in the middle of a pandemic.  We know that we can find rest and peace in your ever present presence.  We ask you to guard our hearts and guide our minds in this season of change and uncertainty.  Give us a heaven’s lens to see our circumstances through faith and not fear.  We pray for a Holy Spirit school year.  We trust you for a hope and a future for our family and especially our children in these coming days.  In your precious name,  Amen.

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