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Heaven In Your Home

Apr 26, 2020

In This Episode Francie talks about:


Father right now, we have time to turn our hearts back to you like never before.  We invite you, the living God into the rhythms of our day as a family unit.  We praise you for your goodness and faithfulness during this season.  Thank you for your covenant blessing over our family.  Redeem what the enemy has meant for destruction during this season and bring back a sense of connection in our families across this nation.  We want to prepare the space for you to move in our homes as you turn our hearts as parents back toward our children.  Renew our spirits as we wait upon you Lord.  We find peace knowing we are nestled safely in the shadow of your wing.  We choose faith over fear each day as you have given us this precious gift of time.  May we use it to recenter our hearts and our homes toward you, our covenant keeping God.  Amen.


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