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Heaven In Your Home

Nov 20, 2023

Friend, get ready for a freedom chat in this rich conversation with Molly Rhodes, who is a fellow listener and Discipleship Circle member. In this conversation we have an honest, vulnerable chat about the amazing beauty of our feminine body and how to tap into the ways God designed us as women. It's a conversation that seeks to rekindle the awe and appreciation we should feel for our own femininity.

Many of us have been disconnected from our feminine beauty, and it's time to take notice, lean in and re-connect. Join us for this empowering conversation and find inspiration and encouragement to take note, embrace and flourish in the design God intended for women from the very beginning. This is a rich and insightful girlfriend chat that could transform your perspective on your own unique beauty and purpose.

About Molly:

Molly Rhodes is a passionate pursuer of Jesus and loves to see women come alive in their walk with Christ.  She is a leader and coach in the Rise Up Queens community and helps women reconnect to their divinely inspired identity, their spouse, and God.  Molly has been married to her husband, Thomas, for 19 years and believes in the power of God to restore emotional and physical intimacy through vulnerability, taking responsibility, and prayer.  She lives in Dallas, Texas with her three boys and loves lifting weights and being a connoisseur of both brussels sprouts and great cupcakes.

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