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Heaven In Your Home

Mar 27, 2023

God is a good Creator, full of peace, joy and celebration. The enemy is the author of chaos. Times like this can feel overwhelming. We can choose to see chaos and become afraid, living in fear and becoming paralyzed. Or, we can choose to see the power and beauty of God and learn to carry His banner of celebration. 


Let’s lean into the goodness of God and choose to walk in His peace, His joy and His celebration through shared language. That’s what Heaven in Your Home Family Music is all about.


In today’s episode we welcome Kathryn Brunner, my real life friend who is a beautiful singer/songwriter who collaborated to bring Heaven in Your Home Family Music to your home. We will unpack the vision, the purpose and the meaning behind these culture-shifting songs.


Listen in, be equipped and encouraged as you take hold of the JOY and CELEBRATION of God and the crown of His creation, YOU!


Listen to Heaven in Your Home Family Music:


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About Kathryn Brunner:

Heaven in Your Home Family Music is a beautiful collaboration with Kathryn Brunner. Kathryn is a seminary trained singer-songwriter and music educator. 

She lives in the DC Metro area with her husband and two daughters whom she homeschools. Kathryn is fiercely passionate about equipping families to walk faithfully in the truth of God’s word. Heaven in Your Home Family Music is an outworking of that passion. With an educator’s mindset, she is also driven to help children grow in an understanding of music to equip them to serve their communities and the world. 

She is the founder of Musik at Home, an online music education studio for children ages 0-10 where she offers vibrant early childhood and piano courses that are available on the web, mobile app, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV. 


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