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Heaven In Your Home

Mar 20, 2023

Your body is good, with value and purpose.

Your gender is intentional and meaningful.

Your sexuality is full of meaning and purpose.

The story of God is written on your body. 


As you think about stewarding sexuality, walking in more freedom, the next step is to begin to impart the truth of celebration and joy into your children. We are called to be fruitful, multiply and take dominion. So, as we live out the goodness and freedom of God, becoming more healed, fruitfulness flows into the next generation.


Lean in and let’s unpack the big ideas and the practical application for you as you continue to teach and disciple your children.


Resources Mentioned:

Every Body is a Gift: God Made Us to Love, by Monica Ashour

Every Body Has Something to Say, by Monica Ashour

God Has a Plan for Boys and Girls, by Monica Ashour

Before the Sex Talk: A Theology of the Body Approach for Parents and Mentors, by Linda Noble and Linda Stewart


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