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Heaven In Your Home

Apr 17, 2023

A tender, honest conversation as Bonny shares her vulnerable testimony and healing journey through deep betrayal caused by pornography and sex addiction in her marriage.

There is tremendous trauma and hurt in a marriage experiencing a death of trust. Bonny speaks into betrayal from a personal and clinical perspective, providing you with understanding, empathy and thoughtful steps to take toward healing for both partners.

If betrayal has touched your life, know you are not alone. There is great hope and healing possible, especially with the help of trained professionals and the power of the Holy Spirit.


Connect with Bonny Burns:

Bonny Burns works to empower the wife with low sexual interest, little sex drive, and possibly a sexless marriage through science, scripture, and stories. She writes at and podcasts at Sex Chat for Christian Wives. You can find her ministry to women who have experienced sexual betrayal at She earned a Christian Counseling certification (not licensure) in 2015 and in December, 2019, she completed a Bachelor of Science in counseling psychology from Liberty University. She is married to Dave for over 30 years and is a mother to three adult sons.


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