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Heaven In Your Home

Feb 6, 2023

All the things you wished you knew before you said I do. 


Whether you’re engaged, newlywed or find yourself in a mentoring relationship, this conversation will give you a fresh perspective on preparing for sex before you say, “I do.”


Join this vulnerable chat as a welcome Bethany Beal, from the Girl Defined ministry and podcast. 


How should you prepare for your wedding night?

What advice and resources are helpful (and how to know if it’s not)?

What kinds of expectations should you set for the wedding night?


And, most importantly, this is an invitation to take a breath of fresh air and view physical intimacy as a journey that happens over the course of your marriage, not something you arrive at on your wedding night.


Tune in and get real talk about fears, insecurities, hygiene and even lubricants. Friend, this is a true girlfriend chat that I pray will bless you.


Resources Mentioned:

Sex, Purity, and the Longings of a Girl’s Heart: Discovering the Beauty and Freedom of God-Defined Sexuality, by Bethany Beal and Kristen Clark


More about Bethany Beal:

Bethany Baird is a Texas born and raised girl, wife, mother of two and is the cofounder of Girl Defined Ministries. You can learn more at or at the Girl Defined Show.


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You’re Invited:

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