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Heaven In Your Home

Dec 12, 2022

Sex without emotional connection is really just sexual activity. Today’s guests, Dr. Glenn and Phyllis Hill share keys to a healing journey toward true emotional connection. From the wounding that started on their honeymoon, they experienced years of disconnection. With years of training and application, they are now experiencing abundance. And, they have developed simple tools to help marriages experience “naked and unashamed” intimacy, just as God intended as we see in Genesis. Through Connection Codes, they offer a PROVEN, 4-minute tool that will give you the language to conquer conflict in marriage, find safety in intimacy and create a marriage and life you love


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Phyllis & Glenn met at a summer camp in the Carolina mountains at age 15 and 16 in 1978, then married four years later. “We were ill-prepared for marriage and our first five years were horrific, with continuous disconnection and pain.”  They have experienced healing and transformation in their marriage and bring valuable tools to couples to enrich marriages through connection.


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