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Heaven In Your Home

May 29, 2023

Whatever season you currently find yourself in, this is a conversation not to be missed. The reality is, you will have seasons of abundance as well as refining seasons of trial and suffering. You’ll hear my honest perspective on and journey through suffering and God in the midst of it all, including:


  • Intimacy resilience and building intimacy in all seasons.

  • Challenges in life and how they can create tension and disconnection in marriage.

  • Opportunities to lean into your marriage connection, especially in the hard seasons. 

  • Learning to not only be strong for one another, but to be weak together and talk about hard things, loss and disappointment.

  • Physical touch and intimacy as a powerful way to process challenge and stress.

  • Restoration and rejuvenation brought through biological releases sex provides.

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You’re Invited:

Keep learning with Francie! Join the Discipleship Circle group mentorship. This is a SWEET community of women, connected with the purpose of seeking God’s heart for their reclaiming 

a redeemed view of sex and sexuality. Inside the circle, we will explore and discover the good news about God’s heart for sex. Learn more here: Discipleship Circle


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