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Heaven In Your Home

May 1, 2023

God designed your body with intention, care and purpose. Yet, we often hyper-focus on the mind and the spirit, neglecting the importance of the body. 


In this episode we will discuss the importance of connecting to the body, because stress in the body can create dis-ease that ripples out to all areas of our life. Topics include:


  • The brain body connection.

  • Dis-ease in the body and the peace of God.

  • Paying attention to and being aware of your body.

  • Problems that can arise when we disregard the body.

  • Hormetic stress and other practices to reset the body.

  • Laying down efficiency for more intimacy with God.

  • Caring for your body to build more desire and marriage connection.

Resources Mentioned:

Anchored: How to Befriend Your Nervous System Using Polyvagal Theory, Deb Dana


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