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Heaven In Your Home

Jan 4, 2021

Francie is excited to start the new year off with a fresh vision for her marriage and family and she wants to help you do the same. She’s created a worksheet called Your Marriage On Purpose to help you look back at last year so you can look forward to this year with intention. This worksheet will be sent out to her email subscribers this month, January of make sure you go to to subscribe so you don’t miss a single thing. 

In this episode, Francie reflects on what was good in 2020, in order to intentionally look ahead to 2021.

James 1:17

How to  focus on the gifts we received in 2020:

  • Remember what is good
  • Being grateful for what was good
  • Enjoying the moment of recalling the gifts we’ve been given
  • Take note of those good things and know we can have more of that joy by stewarding those good things in the future.

3 Ways to remember the connection you’ve enjoyed and purposely build more of it in the new year:

  • Think back on the things that worked great and enjoy reliving those memories.
  • Create a highlight reel
  •  Take the highlight reel, and see how you can recreate and build on those memories to become more purposeful in your marriage.

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