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Heaven In Your Home

May 24, 2020

Thanks for joining Francie on this episode of Heaven in Your Home. We hope you’ll be inspired by this episode, and feel led to share it with someone you know would be ministered to by Francie’s message.

In This Episode Francie talks about:

  • Ephesians 2:10
  • God has a plan for every human on the earth developed in His image, designed on purpose to be indwelt by His Holy Spirit with certain gifts that will bless the world. 
  • Steve Backlund - Life is in the power of the tongue
  • Our role as parents is to have eyes to see our kids and see what God has put in them.  
  • Ezekiel 37:1-14
  • Speak words of life over our kids.
  • As parents, we need eyes to see when our kids are fully alive in our home.

Prayer:  Father God, thank you that you created us and our children in Christ Jesus to do good works.  We trust you with your plans in our lives and our kids’ lives.  Help us discover the treasures inside the hearts of our kids, cultivate their hearts and guide them to develop their gifts for your divine purpose in their lives.  Give us grace to speak life over our children’s lives, declaring the goodness of God in our home.  Give us eyes to see how you have created them and uniquely gifted them for your kingdom.  Amen.   

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