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Heaven In Your Home

May 9, 2022

God invites you to be captivated by Him. This episode is a sweet celebratory time of sharing my heart, how the Lord captivated my whole heart…and how in the world I ended up as an “intimacy evangelist,” encouraging you to know God’s heart for your body, your sexuality and your married intimacy.

In this episode you’ll hear more about my journey from a newlywed bride suddenly trying to flip a switch from, “don’t do it,” to embracing God’s good intentions with married sex. I knew there was more to sex than what the world showed and a story bigger than the silence I sensed from the church.   

We’ll talk about the idea of having a honeymoon marriage, the vision of shalom and having Heaven in your home, and the healing journey that we are all on as we lean into God for transformation.


You’ll hear from women on the same journey, the ways He is meeting them and the fruitfulness they are experiencing. Let’s celebrate, friend.

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Thanks for joining Francie on this episode of Heaven in Your Home. We hope you’ll be inspired by this episode, and feel led to share it with someone you know would be ministered by Francie’s message.

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