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Heaven In Your Home

Dec 19, 2022

Sex can be a great gift, full of pleasure and fun. But, it can also be a source of frustration, discouragement and even great wounding inside your marriage. Dr. Glenn and Phyllis Hill are back this week talking more about their own experience and encouraging you to find healing and freedom in your sexuality. 


Sex is designed as a party for the woman…yet, we have been taught that sex is really something for the man and even a duty for a wife in marriage. Well, Phyllis is like the big sister you always wanted and she is sharing tips and ideas to embrace more adventure and more freedom as you celebrate what God called GOOD. Listen in and spur your thinking as you figure out what your unique “sexy” is in each and every season. 


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Phyllis & Glenn met at a summer camp in the Carolina mountains at age 15 and 16 in 1978, then married four years later. “We were ill-prepared for marriage and our first five years were horrific, with continuous disconnection and pain.”  They have experienced healing and transformation in their marriage and bring valuable tools to couples to enrich marriages through connection.


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