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Heaven In Your Home

Sep 18, 2023

A husband has a unique and powerful role in his wife’s healing journey, and in this episode you’ll hear from Jess and Matt Seitz as they share their story of navigating the pain and hurt of vaginismus. Through many years of enduring bad advice and hurtful counsel, their marriage connection remained strong. They share a powerful story of loving one another well, through sickness and, now, health.

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About Jess:

Jess Seitz is an occupational therapist who specializes in pelvic health and vaginismus recovery.  In her ministry, Pain Free Intimacy, Jess helps women find freedom and confidence through a comprehensive & holistic approach to break free from the mind-body-pain cycle of vaginismus to heal emotionally & physically so they can finally enjoy beautiful & fun sex the way God designed it to be. Jess’s passion and hope is for women to have pain-free, great sex without compromising their morals or complicating their recovery. Learn more at Pain Free Intimacy.

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